Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Awesome People I Forget I Love Till I See Them on Law & Order

I started with Ann Hog (Mae Whitman) last week, when I posted she was on an episode of Law & Order. I guess I shall continue since I usually watch every incarnation of Law & Order. Law & Order: SVU (my fave of the L&O's) reminded me of someone cool in their recent episode about serial killers and cutting off boobs for trophies. The serial killer was played by Jared Harris (son of Richard Harris, the original Dumbledore, you can slap me for noting that since I'm sure there's much better work on
his resume).

Jared is the ginger haired actor that played Vlad the foreign cab driver in Happiness and Andy Warhol in I Shot Andy Warhol (and apparently Goatee Smoker in Lady In The Water). He always does creepy yet charming so well. So basically the plot was that Jared was a serial killer that seduced a girl into being a copy cat killer and then sold her down the river to he could get into a cushier federal prison. However, in the end the lawyer lady (also a ginger) hosed him and got him placed into a worse federal prison with no outside contact. I was a little disappointed when Jared's comeback to all this was "that's not fair." I think a professional seducer//serial killer would have a better line than that.