Thursday, April 17, 2008

Awesome People I Forget I Love Til I See Them On Law & Order

For this installment, its a twofer of people I had forgotten I love. This is old news, but Jeremy Sisto joined Law & Order (original flavor) this season. He was hot in Clueless as Elton, fantasticly hot as the pyschotic Billy (brother of Rachel Griffith's character) on Six Feet Under, and "jesus he's hot" in the made for TV hit Jesus. His character's name on L&O is Cyrus Lupo which makes me imagine him as a werewolf living in greece (i know i know, its Cyrus not Cyprus but my brain already made the connection). Since I am awesome at photoshop, I decided to share with you what my brain sees:

Last night's episode also reminded me that I love Michael Rooker. He is an amazing actor who has been in tons of films, including one of the creepiest ones ever called Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. If you haven't seen this film (and enjoy murder + incest like I do), Netflix it immediately. I think this picture perfectly captures his natural bad-assness.