Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Miss Rap Supreme

So VH1 just launched a new show with female rappers called Miss Rap Supreme. It's with MC Serch, who also hosted last year's White Rapper Show. Serch totally reminds me of Tom Colicchio, he is so mean sometimes, its pretty hilarious. His co-host is YoYo who is looking pretty damn good.

YoYo Then

YoYo Now

The premiere was last nite and it was amazing. I have to say that my fave is Brooklyn-Russian rapper Byata, mostly based on that I like her hair.

There is sure to be tons of fighting and retarded challenges (example: rapping for a bunch of sisters, i.e. nuns). The one problem is that one of the contestants is Khia who had one hit, that song My Neck, My Back. I have nothing against her, but now that frigging song keeps playing in head and it needs to stop.