Friday, April 11, 2008


Similar to the game "Chuck, Fuck or Marry", I use a highly scientific formula to decide which films I will see called "Theater, $5 Bootleg or On Demand". The system is based on the following guidelines:

- films I want to see in the theater
- films I will prolly buy from the dude who comes into the bar when I'm having a beer selling $5 bootlegs
- films I will watch on saturday afternoons on On Demand when I pretend to clean the house but accomplish nothing because there's crap to be watched on demand.

Diego Luna as Michael Jackson impersonator is worth at least $10 and add Samantha Morton, that's worth the $20 I will spend on snacks.

$5 Bootleg
If you flip through my bootleg DVD collection (if it existed that is, this is all imagination FBI), there is a large amount of action type flicks usually highly recommended by the clerk (i.e. asian man in chinatown). This Keanu Reeves//Forest Whitaker dream team flick falls perfectly into that category:

On Demand
For some reason, films starring Sarah Jessica Parker are very high on my On Demand viewing list (Family Stone and Failure to Launch come immediately to mind.)