Thursday, May 15, 2008

Start Gettin Real

I hate to say it but I really love the new season of the Real World. Set in Hollywood, it is delightfully devoid of fake tits and people making out or flashing each other. Well devoid enough in the way, that that shit is secondary and the crazy delusion is in the forefront. I've watched almost all the episodes but still haven't gotten down all the names, cept for Joey cause he kinda reminds me of my cousin Joey (sorry cuz!).

Awesome things this season:

1. all the cast members want to become famous with their various "talents". "Famous" being an Access Hollywood reporter (this is the blonde chick's goal).

2. their job is to be in an improv group. hahahahahah, awesome. Meatheads and wannabe entertainment reporters acting out things like hungarian robbers at the drycleaners, that sounds like good TV.

3. andy dick is somehow involved in all of this.

4. joey is a crazy drunk who bangs his head on things and yells non-sensically. this makes the chicks fear for their life, and only reminds me that I havent gone out drinking with my family lately.

The next season of Real World is going to be set in Brooklyn, which is just great because all the "Brooklynites" has their panties in a bunch how this will make them loose their street cred. I say embrace the Joeys you are bound to meet. (via Just Jared)