Wednesday, June 11, 2008

2 Dudes, 1 Lion

me (4:26:17 PM): oh
me (4:26:18 PM): my
me (4:26:19 PM): god
me (4:26:22 PM): where did you find that
me (4:26:34 PM): the music
me (4:26:36 PM): the hair
page (4:26:40 PM): my friend sent it to me with the subject "this just made me feel so much love in my heart"
me (4:26:42 PM): so good
page (4:26:42 PM): hahahahaha
me (4:26:54 PM): i thought it was a joke and it killed them
page (4:26:55 PM): i mean the hair and why were these 2 dudes raising a lion alone together
me (4:27:07 PM): yea where the fuck did they get a lion
page (4:27:21 PM): its all very confusing