Thursday, June 26, 2008

R. Kelly Rulz

Michel Gondry picked 25 Classic Music Videos on . Here's the gem of the list:

R. Kelly, ''Trapped in the Closet'' (2005)
Of Kelly's hilariously awful hip-hop opera, Gondry says: ''It's totally inappropriate and ridiculous, but very funny. You get really into it. He talks like he's trying to [be serious] while he's pointing the gun at the person. It makes no sense.''

I think even more than the "hip-hopera" that is the 22 Trapped in the Closet installments, I enjoy the intros with R.Kelly that he did on IFC. This is old but you should watch them if you havent already. I feel like I am hanging out with him, and it's an awesome feeling.


lauren said... have to send this to ivan!