Friday, July 25, 2008

Thug Life

Last night, I went to an advance screening of Pineapple Express followed by a Q&A with director David Gordon Green at BAM. I've had a slight crush on DGG ever since he did a Q&A at my college for his first film George Washington. He is such a movie nerd (in a good way) but not in the least pretentious which is a fine line to straddle. To sum it up, loves him. More on him later.

The movie definitely met my expectations and somewhat exceeded them. It's definitely better than Knocked Up and Superbad. I won't ruin any of the jokes but I will say Danny McBride is officially the biggest genius ever. Everyone should go see it on August 6th. If you are a pothead, you should smoke beforehand. It's sorta like watching the Sopranos, you should have pasta nearby cause you are automatically hungry 20 minutes into an episode.

So back to DGG. The questions asked were meh, but I guess it's somewhat expected since it's a stoner flick. One good one was how he got involved with the film since it's so different from anything he's done before. Basically, DGG said he was looking for a comedy to make sure he didn't get burned out on doing dramas because a bad drama is worse than a bad comedy. So true. Another totally crazy awesome thing he mentioned is that he would like to continue working in different genres and is currently working on an adaptation of Dario Argento's Suspiria. Holy shit, that will be awesome. The one downside was that I was hoping James Franco would be there so I could blush from afar, my dreams were crushed. Although, somewhat uncrushed cause Sam Rockwell was there (just hanging) and the proxmity to his coolness was good enough.


Cory said...

No way was this better than Knocked Up or Superbad! How did you find out about this screening?