Friday, September 12, 2008


The new Clint Eastwood film "Changeling" looks pretty good. Angelina Jolie is a bit hit or miss with me but I can't say no to anything that takes place in the '20s. I am a period piece whore. The only think that annoys me is the title as there is already a 1980 George C Scott film called The Changeling, which is friggin scary and awesome. So this new movie better rule as to not taint the already awesome movie of the same name.

(New) Changeling is based on a series of murders in the late '20s called the Wineville Chicken Murders. The national attention was so bad that the town Wineville changed its name to Mira Loma so it wouldn't be associated with the murders (nice try) after the killer's execution. You can read an interesting news story of the case here

Somewhat related is this great episode of This American Life called The Ghost Of Bobby Dunbar. It's about a story similar to Changeling of a case of missing children and mistaken identity in 1912.


Cory said...

I was going to see this at the New York Film Festival. But the cheap seats were $35 and this movie will not be thirty five dollars good.

melle said...

Just saw Clint Eastwood on Daily Show. Brief synopsis of Changeling reminded me of the This American Life episode, but being so brief it was hard to tell. Thanks for the confirmation. -- Melle Larky718