Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Flashback: Pearl Cream

So I saw this really hot old asian woman on the street this weekend. Her face was shining like a pearl and I realized that she had probably hoarded mass amounts of Pearl Cream. If you're old enough to remember the late '80s, you probably remember this infomercial with Nancy Kwan. She describes how "Oriental women" prevent aging using "Peawl Cweam". Even as a child, I wanted to "my friends to think I had a facelift" and wished I could order this magical cream. Apparently it's still sold, although not sure if this is the same company. If I wasn't poor, I would test it along with the placenta cream. It does worry me that the ingredients only list "Placenta tissue fluid", where is this placenta coming from.

Also, here's a more recent clip of Nancy Kwan, that is one hot bitch.


Blognigger said...

oh shit old schizzl!

i LOVE that old pewl cweam jam... I still drop that line when joking with my friends...