Monday, November 3, 2008

Preacher Comes To The Big Screen

Holy Crap! A movie adaptation of the graphic novel series Preacher. I really wish this had been made into a cable series instead of a movie. Whoever adapts the story is going to have to cut out so much of the back story and great details that make the books so addictive (unless it becomes a highly successful series of films, which I highly doubt.) MTV has a look at the potential casting. If Cameron Diaz stars in this, I will have to ban this film. She totally ruined Gangs of New York. I think that Elizabeth Banks might be good as the main female character
Tulip O'Hare since Tulip is kinda trashy but a hot badass. I think Banks could pull that off.

As for the male lead character Jesse Custer, I haven't been able to mentally pinpoint someone. Please sit patiently on the edge of your seats until I decide.