Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Tiddies

Seriously, why didn't I start this website Negative Sideburns except I would have called it "anti-sideburns" after this old dude who always drank at this dive bar that I went to in college, shout out to Silhouette!

Karl Lagerfeld's 10 minute short about Coco Chanel is live. I hate to say it, it was a lil boring. I only typed those words cause I know Karl will never read this blog.

Finally, I hate to even draw a slight comparison between myself & Liz Lemon cause she's so hip and so now but I will anyway. The flashback in this clip from last night's 30 Rock totally reminded of this time in high school when I was "flirting" with a boy and then he kinda gave me the cold shoulder. I was talking to my friend like "aw shucks I'm such a loser", and she was like "um what are you talking about you were being an asshole to him." That's when I (sorta) learned flirting is not mocking people.