Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Am An Old Lady

I have been spending most of my day trying to verify the age of my new house. Why does it matter you might ask? Well, I need to verify it in order to get in with the old ladies at the historical society. If your home is 100 years or older, you can be a part of the society and get a hand painted plaque to display on your front porch. I've managed to find a document online that narrows it down to 1887. Our contact at the historical society is named Angel. I haven't met her in person yet but she is totally Rose Nyland in my mind.

During my intense research today, I found this very cool Flickr of my town Keyport, NJ showing different sites in the town "then and now". Click here for the magic of Keyport.

I love being old! I can't wait to start wearing muumuus to the beach. I think this is why I have been on a crazy Golden Girls kick lately. It's one of 5 shows I DVR, and I simply cannot get enough. I was home one day watching it while my contractor was touching up some paint when he let out his total stoner laugh and said, "This is funnier when you watch it when you're old." How true it is.

Part of the enjoyment is watching the theme song which I feel only enhances the experience. Why is this song never irritating?

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