Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Don't Want No Shrubs

They always say that sex sells, and it's never more true than in the case of landscaping. When I want to pick my shrubs and fruit trees, I want the ones with sex appeal. This nursery knew there was an angle here which is why they have created the sexiest look at plants available on the internet:

Maple trees are cold and hardy, like this model's stare

Oh snap, looks like he's giving Elephant Ears the time of day now:

BOING, Amarylis bulbs

I guess this is where the Mac guy got his start:

C'mon this one had to be for laughs:

Don't worry animals find them sexy too:

Why does this sheep rapist have a Bratz-sized head?
For real though, I think am ordering a blueberry bush from them.
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