Friday, March 27, 2009

Waffle House and Hot Pockets

Jim Gaffigan has a new comedy special 'King Baby' premiering on Comedy Central this Sunday. I think the bit below about Waffle House will surpass his hot pocket bit as my new favorite. I went to a Waffle House for the first time last summer on my honeymoon road trip (don't be jealous, I'm classy), and I can only say I wish Waffle Houses existed closer to my home. Holy shit, our waitress was like 89 and she was out of everything that people kept ordering. It really did feel like I was at my crotchety grandma's house (if either of my grandma's spoke english and knew how to cook anything besides porridge.) Someone came in and asked for the non-smoking section, which was like 2 tables about 2 ft away from the smoking section. Seriously, who goes to this amazing place if they are not an alcoholic smoker.

Jim Gaffigan - Waffle House - KING BABY Premieres March 29th!!

Also, here's the hot pocket bit for your reference:

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