Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I watched a really great documentary this weekend called Surfwise. It's the story of Dorian Paskowitz, a Stanford grad and doctor, who gave up conventional living and travelled the country with his wife and 9 kids (8 boys and 1 girl) in a 24 foot trailer. WTF. Basically, Dorian's thinking was if a gorilla does it, humans should do it. Although, I don't think gorilla's surf, but that was also a very important part of their lifestyle. All the kids surfed and lived in a trailer with no official schooling. It sounds amazing and fun but the 9 grown children voice some downsides as they speak about their experiences in the film. From what I gather, the father's method of indoctrinating the children may have veered into tyranny at some points and there were some adjustments to be made once they all veered away from trailer living and started trying to adapt to "the real world". It's definitely an amazing idea about the way people can live without any ties to material things except for the part where the kids heard their parents bone, EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Even the thought is giving me issues.