Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Patton Oswalt Curates Nerd Fest

Patton Oswalt is guest-curating his own film festival, "Sitting In The Dark" in LA. That sucks cause I would totally say I am gonna go (and of course not go cause the new season of Housewives of Atlanta just started and I am sure there will be non-stop marathons that will force me to stay home.) Patton discusses the festival in this Onion article, and name drops this guy Bobby Hacker. Wow, this guy is a frigging genius, would love to see some longer length footage. Check out the trailer for Hacker's film screening at "Sitting In The Dark".

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Ms. X said...

I don't have a worthwhile comment to leave, but I feel the need to come clean about stalking your hilarious/awesome blog for the last several months, since I know you IRL. This is Addie's friend Kate.